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            Zhong Nanshan comprehensively interprets the flu: virus mutation, and come back in March!
            Category: Health knowledge
            Date: 2018-02-27
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            Author: 佚名
            Original title: Zhong Nanshan comprehensive interpretation of the flu: virus mutation, come back in March! In the face of the virus, in fact, people are very small, and always found after the...

                Original title: Zhong Nanshan comprehensive interpretation of the flu: virus mutation, come back in March!

                 In the face of the virus, in fact, people are very small, and always found after the injury, why can't we prevent it first?

                 Mixed with coughs and crying, this year's flu came to the fore: some schools announced emergency suspensions, pediatrics in major hospitals across the country were smashed, and even hospital pediatricians were overloaded to work, all but fell ill, but helpless Stopped.

                 On January 17, Academician Zhong Nanshan, director of the National Center for Clinical Research of Respiratory Diseases, read the characteristics of this year's flu, pointing out that there is some variation in the current influenza B virus, and the current domestic use of trivalent influenza vaccine failed to cover the virus. Subtype.

                 Academician Zhong Nanshan also said that there may be a new wave of influenza coming in March, calling on all relevant departments to take precautionary measures, and please produce a four-valent vaccine against the flu as soon as possible. Only by preventing it in advance can the children be less To be guilty, parents must be careful.


            Academician Zhong Nanshan, Director of the National Center for Clinical Research of Respiratory Diseases


                  Why is the flu so arrogant recently?

                  The recent flu pandemic is caused by a combination of factors. Winter is the high incidence of influenza, and the dominant strain (type B) that has been popular this year has not become a dominant strain for many years. The population lacks an immune barrier and the number of susceptible people increases.

                  Academician Zhong Nanshan said in reading the characteristics of this year's flu:

            1. According to nuclear protein, influenza can be divided into four main antigen types: A, B, C and D. Among them, A and B are two common types;

            2. Since April 2017, there has been no significant variation in the influenza A (H3N2), H1N1, and influenza B viruses in China, but from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the influenza B virus has changed. The type of Yamagata type has increased significantly.

            3. The matching of existing B-type vaccines can't keep up, and it can't prevent the current flu. The population lacks immunity to this new virus subtype, so the number of cases doubles.

                 The National Health and Family Planning Commission also pointed out at the recent regular press conference:

                 The prevailing dominant strain is the Yamagata flu mountain shape, which has not been widely prevalent for many years, resulting in a lack of immune barriers for the population and an increase in susceptible populations.

                 In this regard, Zhong Nanshan said that "the flu is still a threat we cannot predict." Because the flu strain is not static, it is very embarrassing, it can evade the immune attack of people.


            The rhinovirus (left) that causes the common cold and the flu virus that causes the flu (right)


                  Why is there a new wave of flu in March?

                  On the afternoon of January 17, when Academician Zhong Nanshan interpret the characteristics of this year's flu, he repeatedly reminded that there may be a new wave of flu in March this year, so be sure to be vigilant.

                  "What is most afraid now is bird flu and human flu. If it is mixed, it will be a big problem. It must be highly vigilant." Academician Zhong Nanshan said that according to the prevailing laws of the past, the H7N9 avian flu virus was concentrated in January-March, and it was added. If the current influenza B virus is outbreaking in March, what kind of situation will it be?

                  He continued to explain that no virus or pathogen has evolved as rapidly as the flu virus, and that the flu virus has the ability to spread across species. Once it crosses the species barrier, it is highly likely to have a serious impact on public health security.


            Fever, headache, muscle pain, dry cough, sore throat, and exhaustion are classic symptoms of flu. Some people may also have pain in their eyes and joints. Children may also experience vomiting or diarrhea.


                  Is the trivalent vaccine effective against new virus subtypes?

                  Undoubtedly, vaccines are the best means to reduce the probability of infection. Many parents will adopt this method to help children prevent influenza virus. However, the trivalent influenza vaccine used in China has not covered this type of influenza B, that is, now The vaccine does not match the current virus at all.

                  However, we still need to vaccinate the trivalent vaccine, because the flu virus is unpredictable, and perhaps the next wave is the turn of the other three (A, C, D) viruses.

                  In addition, the country is planning to produce a four-valent vaccine, which is expected to be available in the second half of the year. The tetravalent vaccine is based on the trivalent, adding the now popular influenza B antigen. The vaccine will take effect in two weeks, remember to give it before the flu outbreak.


            Although the trivalent vaccine has little effect on the prevention of the current "type B influenza Yamagata", it can prevent other influenza.


                  What medicine should I take if I find flu symptoms?

                 "In the early stages of the epidemic, the use of anti-influenza drugs can reduce the spread of the virus." Zhong Nanshan said.

                  The National Health and Family Planning Commission also released the latest version of the "Influenza Treatment Program", which explicitly recommended a batch of anti-influenza drugs, including oseltamivir, zanamivir, peramivir, and lianhuaqing. Anti-viral drugs such as sputum capsules and children's anti-infective granules suitable for children, pediatric squeaking heat-clearing granules, and antelope horn powder.

                  Among them, Zhong Nanshan said according to clinical experience:

                  In the 48 hours after the onset of flu-like symptoms, early treatment with oseltamivir does help to alleviate symptoms such as fever and reduce the risk of pneumonia. Lianhua Qinglan Capsule has the same effect in shortening the course of disease and reducing viral load. .

                  In addition, parents should pay attention to the fact that these three drugs are no longer recommended, including amantadine and rimantadine, which are resistant to influenza A. The sapphire roots that were sold out of the year were also ineffective for the cold and may need to be Do further medical research.

            Choosing the right drug can effectively resist the continued invasion of the virus.


                  What else must you do to refuse the flu?

                  1 Wash your hands frequently: The palm is easy to get infected with the virus, then touch the nose and mouth to cause infection. In addition, you may like to wash your hands and dry with a towel. In fact, the towel is easy to hide the germs. It is best to dry it with a disposable paper towel or choose to dry naturally.

                  2 Keep the environment clean and ventilated: keep the room clean, keep it ventilated, and keep it dry properly to avoid the growth of bacterial viruses.

                  3 protect the nose and mouth: reduce to crowded places, you must remember to bring a mask to the child when going out, this can effectively protect the nose and mouth from viruses.

                  4 Good nose and mouth habits: When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a paper towel, then remember to wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth to prevent the virus from invading the body from other places.

                  5 hot water soaking feet: soaking feet can promote blood circulation, accelerate the body to excrete cold, people in the warm state, not easy to be attacked by viruses.

            Developing the habit of washing hands frequently is the first line of defense to protect health.

                  Written at the end

                  The flu outbreak is only a matter of time, and you don’t know if it will come more violent next time, because no one can predict what the virus will look like. What parents can do is to have a good knowledge base and do a good job of daily preventive measures. Reduce damage!

                  Finally, if the children in the family are recruited, please take care of the children's family members, because this year's flu virus is really too powerful, please let all parents know that only adults can not take care of children.

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