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            Guangzhou Xingmu Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd


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            GGuangzhou Yuchun Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd
            Hotline:020-3263 3392
            Fax:020-8412 8836
            Address: No. 2, Jingbei Road, Jifeng Village, Zhongxin Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, China

            [Company News] Guangzhou Yuchun Dressed in September Weitie Zhengzhou Drug Fair, Booth No.: JA11, S6
            Category: Industry News
            Date: 2016-08-20
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            Author: 佚名
            Yu Chun Biotech ‖ reading tips:The popularity of the Union will reach the level of the Sinopharm Association. The current Weilian Zhengzhou Conference will be held in September 2016. It is second only...

            Yu Chun Biotech ‖ reading tips:

            The popularity of the Union will reach the level of the Sinopharm Association. The current Weilian Zhengzhou Conference will be held in September 2016. It is second only to Inner Mongolia, and is the second largest fixed-city drug exhibition in China. At that time, Guangzhou Yuchun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. We will be exhibiting and attending the event, and we look forward to your exchange and cooperation!

            Yuchun Biotech Co., Ltd. introduces

            Guangzhou Yuchun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded by the overseas students on March 27, 2000. It is the first medical hydrogel product manufacturer in Guangzhou. After more than ten years of stable development, the products cover various products. Daily medical supplies.

            Mainly produces medical antipyretic stickers, wound stickers, motion sickness stickers, hydrogel pain relief stickers, medical alcohol / iodophor cotton pads, alcohol cotton balls, iodophor cotton balls, mosquito repellent stickers and other family medical supplies. Pediatric brain-type medical antipyretic stickers and high-temperature first-aid medical antipyretic stickers are popular among partners and consumers.

            The company actively expands the domestic and international business market. The subsidiary company Guangzhou Eyesight Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. has passed ISO13485, CE/FDA/SGS and other international certifications, which indicates that the company's production management has reached international level. Products sell well in overseas markets.

            Product specifications and models can be customized according to your needs

            Companies adhering to the "timely with you first, everywhere perfect" business philosophy, to provide our clients with the most cost-effective products and good service.

            Yuchun Biotech ‖ Contact:

            Guangzhou Yuchun Booth No.: JA11, S62

            Exhibition time: September 8th - September 9th, 2016

            Venue: Zhengzhou Zhongyuan International Expo Center (96 Zhengzheng Road, Zhengzhou, China)

            On-site contact: 15920465591 (Manager Tan)

            Expo Center Map:

            Rain Pure Biotechnology Exhibition Location Map:

            標記為我司展位位置: JA11


            Travel guide: 

            Fire car station: Take the 985, 85, Y805, 521, 61, 603, 42, 35, 27 roads to the Zhongbo Furniture Center

            High-speed rail station: take the 60th road to the Zhongbo Furniture Center

            Xinzheng Airport: Take Airport Bus Line 2 under Zhengzhou Hotel

            Transfer to 985 Road, Y805 Road, Zhongbo Furniture Center

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