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            Summer fruit season
            Category: Health knowledge
            Date: 2018-07-02
            Click: 5243
            Author: 佚名
            Yuchun Group Home CareJuly 2Summer is the high-yield season of fruit, and each fruit has its own characteristics, which can satisfy our absorption of trace elements. From the point of view of health, ...

            Yuchun Group Home CareJuly 2

            Summer is the high-yield season of fruit, and each fruit has its own characteristics, which can satisfy our absorption of trace elements. From the point of view of health, the choice of the season's fruit can better absorb nutrients, achieve internal function conditioning, and maintain the balance between body supply and demand.



              In summer, there is more sweating and more nutrients. Watermelon can not only make up the lost water, but also prevent heatstroke and cool down. It also has the effects of clearing away heat, relieving thirst, and diuretic. Matters needing attention Watermelon is a cool food. Eating more will hurt the spleen and stomach, resulting in poor appetite, indigestion and decreased gastrointestinal resistance, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea.



            Pineapple is rich in nutrients such as sugar, protein, vitamin C, etc. It has the functions of clearing heat and relieving heat, thirst, and urinating. Pineapple also acts to break down proteins, dissolve fibrin and blood clots that block in tissues, improve local blood circulation, and eliminate inflammation and edema. Do not overeating on an empty stomach. The skin should be removed. After the slices are sliced, they can be eaten with salt for a few minutes. In addition, pineapple and eggs can not be eaten together, the protein in the egg and the fruit acid in the pineapple, easy to make the protein coagulation, affecting digestion.



              The content of sugar, protein and vitamin C in the grass berry meat is 7-10 times higher than that of apple and grape. Its malic acid, citric acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and carotene, calcium, phosphorus and iron are also 3 to 4 times higher than apples, pears and grapes. Taiwanese refer to strawberries as "living vitamin pills". The Germans regard strawberries as "magic fruits". It is not unreasonable. The nutrients of strawberries are easily digested and absorbed by the human body. They will not be cold or get angry if they are eaten. They are healthy foods for all ages.



             Mango is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. In addition, its protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients are also very comprehensive. Coupled with its unique taste, proper consumption in summer is more conducive to appetite.



              Kiwifruit is a treasure in the fruit. The vitamin C content is 4-12 times that of oranges, 3 times that of apples, and 60 times that of grapes. Studies have shown that the substances contained in it can block the formation of nitrosamines in the human body, thus having a good anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect.

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