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            Guangzhou Xingmu Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd


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            GGuangzhou Yuchun Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd
            Hotline:020-3263 3392
            Fax:020-8412 8836
            Address: No. 2, Jingbei Road, Jifeng Village, Zhongxin Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, China

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            • Rain pure eighteen, starting from the heart!

              Looking up is spring, bowing into the autumn. On January 21, 2018, Guangzhou Yuchun Group held the 18th Anniversary Gala of Yuchun in Guangzhou Zengcheng Phoenix City Hotel, and invited all the staff ...

            • Caring for the community, eye-catching gifts

              Purpose of the event: Caring for friends in the community, spreading cold and feverEvent organizer: Guangzhou City Eyesight Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (a company of Yuchun Group)Guangyao Gro...