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            Guangzhou Xingmu Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd


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            The brand “Xingmu” has been established for over a decades, has been cooperating with chain companies like National Drugs, Jingxing Drugs, Fuxing Medicals, covers thousands drugstores all over the nation, becomes the first recommended product in the drugstore, welcomes by consumers all over the nation. Has established good reputation in some districts, consumers will find “Xingmu” brand Fever Cooling Patch at the first time when they have a fever. “Xingmu” is the top brand in selling margins and brand reputations, company takes cooperation of OEM and ODM.


            “Useful” brand is orientated to the concept “Easy to Use, Practical, In-expensive”. It is not important that products are expensive, but easy to use; it is not important that products are beautiful, but useful, as not all consumer’s father is Bill Gates, no it is important that products needs to be in-expensive. “Useful” brand is focus on “Easy to Use”, “Practical” and “In-expensive”. Wanted agent since 2015, many empty districts wants agency cooperation. Company takes cooperation of OEM and ODM.